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Not Safe, but Good

[In the spring of 2020, I was a Teaching Fellow for the class Christianity Engaging Modernity at Boston University’s School of Theology.  The course was a required class for all master’s students in STH and was a combination of historical theology and church history, from the beginning of the enlightenment to the present.  Halfway through the course,Continue reading “Not Safe, but Good”

Read Your Enemies

[Pictured: my daughter (age 2) next to my copy of the Church Dogmatics] Like most bookish types, my bedside table is often a repository for books.  That pile fluctuates quite a bit in size, anywhere from 1 book to staggering piles of 30 or more books that threaten the stability of my marriage – come on,Continue reading “Read Your Enemies”

Semper Reformanda?

Today is October 31st, and there is a holiday that deserves no small amount of recognition.  I am referring, of course, to the 505th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Yes, yes, I’m aware of Halloween, and I am looking forward to shortly taking my kids around the neighborhood in their costumes – my daughter in particular hasContinue reading “Semper Reformanda?”

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